Outdoor Furnace Manufacturer Directory

Looking for an outdoor furnace? Look no further! Here are some outdoor furnaces to assist in your wood-burning needs.

Econoburn EBW200-170

This high-efficiency/low emission wood gasification wood boiler features a carbon steel construction build and a closed system for maximum service life. The EBW200-170 boiler can be installed with any existing, commercial or residential heating system for convenience, fuel efficiency and savings. http://www.econoburn.com; 1-866-818-5162

Polar Gurance G-Class

The G-Class from Polar Furnace features seven new features including the patent-pending Easy Sweep cleaning system and the patent-pending Connect-EZ system that reduces heating costs.

Central Boiler Classic Edge

The Classic Edge blends efficiency with performance with a new design and improved efficiency with more heat output. The furnace heats homes and other buildings by utilizing wood rather than fuel oil, propane or other fossil fuels. The models include urethane insulation and are waterproof.

Heatmaster SS MF ESeries

Boosting greater burn efficiency, these furnaces from Headmasters SS are built with an additional heat exchange pass that forces heat and smoke to travel the length of the furnace three times to allow for maximum heat transfer, slower heat escape and increased fuel efficiency. Available in the 5000e, 10,000e and 20,000e model.

Crown Royal Stoves

The RS 7300E and 7400E series of Crown Royal Stoves include a primary burn chamber as well as a secondary combustion chamber that exhaust gases from the firebox can be injected with air to achieve temperatures up to 2,300 degrees with near perfect fuel combustion. Each stove comes with a 20-year limited warranty and is made in the U.S.