About My Woods is a free mobile app that provides location-specific information about the forest and connects users to professional resources. This app is built for family forest owners and is designed to put useful and actionable information in the user’s hand. The app is full of maps, photos, information and connections to professional resources. About My Woods is available in the Apple App Store, the Google play Store, or here.

The app includes:woods
– Location specific maps, including information on soils, land cover, terrain and watersheds;
– High quality photos and text descriptions of trees, wildlife, wildflowers, shrubs, and other things you’ll find in the woods;
– Connections to resource professionals that can help landowners manage their land, and
– A “Things to Know” section with information on forestry, a glossary, and references to other helpful resources.

The states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York have nearly 42 million acres of commercial forestland. While we often think of vast tracts owned by forest industries or public agencies, the fact is that over half of this land is owned and managed by families. In the four-state region, an estimated 1 million families own tracts of timberland, ranging from a few acres to thousands of acres.

“Family forest owners are important to the economic and environmental health of the region, and their land often represents their most valuable asset. We developed this app for them,” said Steven Sinclair, Vermont State Forester.