The “Lil Beaver 13” Firewood Processor is made for the homeowner that cuts and burns his own firewood or for a small commercial producer.

Built to the same strength and reliability standards as commercial grade models, it cuts and splits logs up to 13” in diameter and up to 12’ long at a rate of up to ½ to 1 full cords per hour.

It also boasts a Subaru 14 hp or optional Honda GX 390 gas motor.  A 3 1/2” bore 2 1/2” rod specifically designed, engineered, and welded hydraulic cylinder with a 24” stroke for fast splitting, hydraulic saw, 2/4 way adjustable wedge. The log lift keeps the user from dragging logs through the dirt and mud with a standard wood chute or an optional 8’ or 12’ on board stacking conveyor lets the user build a bigger stack.