ECHO has announced the introduction of the CS-361P arborist chain saw, designed for professionals who prefer a rear handle configuration.

The CS-361P is powered by a 35.8 cc professional-grade engine and is weighs 8.3 lbs. The automatic clutch-driven oiler reduces oil consumption and the tool-less access air filter is positioned away from dust and debris. Its G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner ™ reduces air filter maintenance.

Available in 14” or 16” bar lengths, the saw uses a premium guide bar with tall profile and multi-rivet nose and the chain itself is the 91PXL style.

The new saw comes upon the Arborist Fleet Discount Program, which was introduced earlier this year to reward arborists and tree care companies who purchase ECHO chain saws, power pruners and related accessories with deep product discounts and ‘no-hassle’ financing.

The program contains two tiers. To qualify, a customer purchases a minimum of $1,500 or $2,500 worth of product from a single dealer.  Once the purchase threshold is achieved in one of these tiers, discounts starting at 16% apply towards future purchases for the next twelve months from date of purchase.  To use the CS-361P as an example: the 14” model would price at $319.99 (tier one) and $335.99 (tier two).