michael_freezeFirst, I want to thank you for visiting FarmingMagazine.com and making us the source of your industry news. A few months ago, we underwent the process of retooling FarmingMagazine.com to provide the updates and interaction that are important to you, the reader.

One of the things Associate Publisher Barb Sweet and I discussed is that Farming should be an instrument of conversation. We wanted to build a site to inform, educate and entertain—as any medium should—and to reach out to the reader on a consistent basis.

In our conversations, Barb, who grew up on a farm, would joke about the phrase, “leaving the barn door open.” The term, she said, was used when an animal wanders aimlessly outside to the chagrin of the farmhand in charge.

As information races by that proverbial barn door at a breakneck pace, there are issues and events that will require a discussion. This blog will be the place for those discussion points to live.

Along with the new website, the pages of the magazine have had a makeover, and you’ll notice that with the February issue. The updated design gives the pages a fresh, clean look.

Throughout the year, you’ll see some new departments added to the pages, and, of course, you’ll still find stories from the writers you’ve come to know over the years. We look forward to sharing these and other big changes throughout 2015.

Again, thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you the next time the barn door is left open.