michael_freezeHope everyone’s Easter was a pleasant experience. If you were like me, you may have stained your Sunday’s best with a dropping of mustard, mayonnaise or any other dressing. Nonetheless, after we spend the time with family and friends, one question always remains: What to do with all this food?!
As a student of research, I often try to find creative ways to use my leftovers versus the consecutive days of ham sandwich for lunch. One good source I found was from Hickory Farms, based in Ohio. Although it’s referenced for Christmas, it can apply to Easter as well. There are many things you can do with extra cheese, fruit and nuts.
Keeping the ham theme going, there are several ham recipes that’ll bring some variety to the leftover menu. The Ohio’s County Journal shares several interesting items that won’t damper your desire for ham.
Another blog that I like to visit, Full Circle, has found an alternative use for those extra Easter eggs laying around, for instance, in the form of a Spicy BLT Egg Salad. If you’re a fan of this type of salad, then you’ll literally get a “kick” from the jalapenos.
For those into canning, suggestions from the blog, Farm Fresh Feasts, offer tidbits on using the kitchen scraps and leftover ham bone to create your own ham stock.
Use these handy recipes to make quick work of that crowded space in your refrigerator while filling your belly once again. Until then, Cheers!