Most well-known for the eight-day Pennsylvania Farm Show celebration, the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center is bringing an array of economic activity to Central Pennsylvania with the variety of events it hosts throughout the year.

According to the Hershey-Harrisburg Visitor’s Bureau, this month alone, the complex generated $22 million in economic activity for the region as a result of the Mennonite World Conference and the Mecum Auctions. Both conferences ranked in the bureau’s Top Five Economic Impact Events in 2015, with the Mennonite World Conference ranking number four and Mecum Auctions coming in at number five.

“So many people think of the complex and only equate it with the yearly Pennsylvania Farm Show event,” said Sharon Altland, Executive Director of the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. “This venue allows us to host activities ranging from week-long national conferences to one-day meetings and high school graduations. It’s a location that offers what you need no matter how big or small the event you’re planning is. We’re happy to be able to provide this as an option.”

Complex staff works to maintain the facility, incorporating energy saving measures such as a rain water retention tank, motion censored lights and a current electrical upgrade. For the Mennonite World Conference, hosted July 21-26, staff worked with event organizers to integrate the conference’s recycling theme, capturing food waste and turning it into compost.

“As the final events of the World Mennonite Conference were concluding, the Mecum Auction trucks were pulling into the complex parking lot,” said Altland. “These are not always easy lifts, but with a dedicated staff, we’re able to flow between events seamlessly and offer quality service to our clients.”

Mecum Auctions, the leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and road art sales, are hosting auctions at the complex July 30 through August 1. This is the second year Mecum Auctions is taking place at the complex.