The 2015 North American Manure Expo will take place July 14 and 15 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The annual event provides an opportunity for custom applicators and livestock producers to advance their knowledge of manure-nutrient utilization while showcasing the latest technology in manure handling, treatment and application.

Some of the best learning opportunities take place when people can actually see the technology at work on the farm. With this in mind, two full-day tours covering different themes – dairy and equine/beef – have been planned for July 14. A part-day tour showcasing manure agitation is also available.

Dairy – The tour begins with a visit to Mercer Vu Dairy where attendees will learn about dual manure separation technologies, storage cover systems, mortality management, static dragline plus a unique calf feeding system and feed management planning.

The next stop is Slate Ridge Dairy where there will be a discussion of cropping and manure strategies plus a small-scale anaerobic digester tour, including a grain dryer using heat and power from the digester.

The final stop will be Burk-Lea Dairy, which will include a tour of the operation’s solid separation area plus numerous demonstrations: agitation equipment (concrete storage), dragline, manure gas monitoring equipment, phosphorus removal technology, agitation using lagoon boats (earthen basin). There will also be a summary of gas level observations taken during the demonstration.

Equine/Beef – Attendees will visit Wilson College where they will take part in a stable, training facility and pasture tour. Discussion will include manure collection and storage, manure utilization, the value of manure nutrients, basics of soil productivity, water flow on farm grounds and heavy-use areas, parasite management and evaluating pasture.

The second tour stop will be Kiskaddon Beef Farm where attendees will learn about the operation’s manure management strategies plus concrete barnyard improvements and stacking, controlling water runoff, irrigating using greywater and supplemented rotational grazing.

Agitation only – A part-day tour is also available, leaving in the afternoon. This tour will meet up with the full-day dairy tour at Burk-Lea Dairy to take part in the events and demonstrations being held there.

All of the tours will be transported back to the North American Manure Expo grounds, located on the Lesher Poultry Farm off Ingram Drive in Chambersburg. There, attendees will be able to visit with various vendors and enjoy dinner. More than 90 manufacturers and service providers will be exhibiting their wares as part of the expo’s trade show, which will be open from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Education sessions will begin at 6 pm. Topics include gypsum as a bedding, gas safety, West Virginia’s Manure Transport Program and the Cotner Manure Auction. Several exhibitors will also be holding information sessions about their services and products while other vendors will be hosting new product launches.

The expo trade show will be open again on July 15 from at 7:30 am to 5 pm with the first education sessions beginning at 8 am. Five tents will be arranged near the trade show area, each hosting presentations on a different theme: commercial hauler focus, manure and corn, poultry focus, management basics, and dairy focus. Other sessions will be held over the course of the day, including updates on regulation changes, gas safety, equine topics and PA one stop mapping. The final round of education sessions will begin at 4:30 pm.