michael_freezeAs the weather is turning warmer and the planting is in its beginning stages, we here at FARMING are preparing for a productive season. When visiting FarmingMagazine.com, feel free to read our preview of the Vermont Maple Festival and a recap of the last week’s congressional action. It’s just the start of providing more exclusive web material for 2015 and beyond.

One the print side, the May issue should land upon your doorstep this week. It features the first in a two-part series on raising sheep; a look into the process of dehorning as well as various helpful articles covering beef, dairy, maple and woodlots.

Also, I would like to thank you for all of your comments about FARMING and FarmingMagazine.com. Associate Publisher Barb Sweet and I love to here from our readers and take to heart the opinions and suggestions that ultimately make us a better publication. As you may have noticed with the magazine and our website, we’ve been changing a few things and from your comments so far, it’s been for the better.

We promise to keep the momentum going and give you the information that’s vital for your business.


Thank You for reading FARMING!