The farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program has announced 27 farm research projects for 2015.

The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program received $600,000 in State funding for the projects that cover a wide range of agricultural interests from evaluating emerging mastitis pathogens in dairy herds and early warning crop scouting for perennial and emerging diseases to Juneberry ‘superfruit’ production, and potential new high value crops for Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.

Farmers are cooperating with researchers from Cornell University, Miner Institute, Quality Milk Production Services, and Cornell Cooperative Extension to evaluate opportunities to enhance dairy calf health; and advance the production of crops from alfalfa, legumes, corn and oats to beef, birch syrup, edamame, apples, cold-hardy grapes, and amelanchier, also known as Juneberry, and other berries.

‘Every year we hear more and more reports from farmers that they are substantially saving on costs, time and labor as a direct result of the insights, information, and innovations produced by Northern New York Agricultural Development Program projects,’ says Program Co-Chair Joe Giroux, a dairy owner in Plattsburgh, Clinton County.

More than 130 farmers participate as committee members with the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program.  The most recent Census data shows a total value of NNY farm products in excess of $752.8 million.

Funding for the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is supported by New York State Senate leadership and is administered through the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Projects for 2015
Ag Environmental Stewardship
. Assessing Agronomic & Environmental Aspects of Tile Drainage

Ag Industry
. Reaching the Younger Farmer Effectively

Alfalfa Snout Beetle (ASB) Management
. Breeding ASB-Resistant Alfalfa Varieties
. Extending Biological Control of ASB

Crop and Livestock Pest & Disease Control
. Brown Root Rot of Alfalfa: Yield of Populations Developed after Exposure to BRR Fungus and Ice Sheeting
. Diagnosis and Assessment of Diseases of Corn and Soybean in NNY
. Evaluating Alfalfa Varieties & Germplasm for Winter Survival in NNY
. Longitudinal Characterization of Mastitis-Causing Pathogens: “Other Streptococcal Species”
. Effect of Grazing High-Tannin Legumes on Internal Parasite Infections in Goats and Sheep
. Evaluating Brown Mid-Rib Corn Silage Hybrids
. Improving Quality in Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures

Dairy Production
. Do mineral concentrations in water affect feed digestibility, cow health, and performance on dairy farms?
. Evaluating calf housing and its impact on calf respiratory parameters on NNY dairy farms

Enhancing Field Crop Production Under NNY Conditions
. Evaluating Alfalfa-Grass for Maximizing Economic Return
. Evaluating Corn Hybrids for Grain Production and Leaf Disease Severity in NNY
. Corn Yield Potentials of Corn Grain & Silage: Greenseekers and Yield Monitors: The Perfect Marriage
. Assessing Plant Tissue Nutrient Levels in Soybeans in NNY
. Late Summer-Planted Oats for Forage: A Viable Option for NNY?

Livestock Production and Marketing
. Evaluating Tools to Increase Competitiveness and Profitability of Beef Stocker Operations in NNY
. Quality Growth Parameters for Dairy Beef Production

Maple/Forestry Production
. Producing Syrup from Birch Trees in NNY: A Niche Marketing Opportunity for Sugarmakers

NNY Fruit and Vegetable Production
. Evaluating Novel Cold-Hardy Grape Varieties for Production in NNY
. Identification and Grower Education of Key Pests in Apple Orchards in NNY
. Precision Crop Load, Irrigation and Harvest Management to Optimize Fruit Size and Quality of NNY Apples
. Advancing Season Extension and Protected Culture Efficiency with NNY Growers
. Developing Amelanchier as Novel Fruit Crop, NNY as Juneberry Research Center
. Exploring the Potential for Edamame Production in NNY