The New York Farm Bureau Foundation for Agricultural Education, Inc. (The Foundation) received funding from the American Agriculturist Foundation, Inc. (AAF) to support the “Food & Farm Experience”, a new program being launched this year. The grant is specifically targeted to the “experience”, which supports the Foundation’s mission to educate and promote awareness about New York State’s agricultural bounty and its relationship to the food industry.

The “Experience” will occur annually and reach out to a different targeted audience each year. It is a two-day, in-depth program meant to educate and expose participants to New York State’s excellence in growing crops and the production of other agricultural products used for food. The participant’s learning experience will introduce them to farming and food experts, on-location farm and facility tours, as well as a full reception and dinner with local and state dignitaries. Needless to say, the food during the event will be uniquely all New York!

“We are very excited to be able to put together the Food and Farm Experience” said NYFB Foundation Director, Sandra Prokop. “The funding from the AAF allows us to plan and launch the program during its inaugural year.”

The goal of the Food & Farm Experience is to increase the attendees’ understanding of agriculture, so they will be in a position to accurately share agricultural facts and knowledge with their audiences. Participants will be selected through a nomination/application process. In 2015, the invited attendees will be specifically from the media. Future attendees will come from other food influential business sectors. These could include high school guidance counselors, chefs, restaurateurs, packing/manufacturing industry leaders and many more.