The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) welcomed John Lebeaux as the state’s incoming Commissioner of Agriculture.

“We look forward to working together with Commissioner Lebeaux, and congratulate him on the appointment,” said MFBF President Dr. A. Richard Bonanno. “It sends a positive message about the importance of agriculture in our state to have this position filled so quickly.”

Massachusetts Governor-elect Charles Baker announced the appointment Tuesday, December 23rd. Lebeaux managed his family’s nursery business for more than two decades. He’s a past president of the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association and previously sat on the state Board of Food and Agriculture. He’s also a six-term selectman from Shrewsbury and town administrator in Princeton. “John brings a lot of hands-on agricultural experience to the table which will be helpful in guiding the Department in an appropriate direction,” said Bonanno.