Since 1997, Vermont Public Television has produced over 11 cooking specials celebrating the maple industry and the official flavor of Vermont.

A new Maple cooking special will be broadcasted on Sunday, March 8th at 2pm. Promotion of the maple industry, the upcoming sugaring season and events like the Maple Open House Weekend and Maple Festival will be shown. The program also serves as a fundraising event for Vermont PBS, the local public television station.

Donations of maple or maple related products are needed to create 50 gift boxes that will be available during the program. The gift boxes are what make the cooking specials successful as a fundraiser for Vermont PBS.

The program will repeat twice so the maple industry will get at least six hours of promotion during the second and third week of March. Donors to the gift box will receive several on air mentions throughout the program as well as a letter for their tax-deductible donation.