Caledonia will be the host county for the annual Vermont Maplerama at the Caledonia Fairgrounds in Lyndonville, Vermont, July 23-25. The event, hosted by the Caledonia County Maple Association, will be a full-day tour where attendees will be able to visit various maple operations across the county that hold 2,000-6,000 taps.

Photo by morningarage/istock 

According to event organizers, highlights will include a woodchip-fueled evaporator, a student-run operation at a high school technical center and a creamery providing ice cream treats and other dairy products using maple as an ingredient from their own operation.

On the last day of Maplerama, there will be travel available to adjoining Essex County to visit the new Sweet Tree facility, one of the largest maple operations in the United States, as well as other large and diversified operations in the county.

According to news reports, the company recently purchased 7,000 acres of forestland in Warren Gore and Averys Gore, Vermont, and has installed 95,000 taps in maple trees, with plans for 500,000 taps.

After the tour, participants will return to the fairgrounds for a barbecue. Attendees are able to plan on lodging in one of the nearby hotels, or lodge via recreational vehicle and set up at the Caledonia County Fairgrounds.