A webinar is being hosted for attendees to gain practical information to help you maximize dry matter intake during a free webinar on November 9 at noon ET titled “Managing Dry Matter Intake in Pre- and Post-Partum Dairy Cows.”

Dairy cows must consume enough high quality dry matter to get the nutrients needed for late gestation and milk production in early lactation.

Dr. Bill Weiss will explain factors to consider during the weeks before and after calving, and how to prevent metabolic disease and the subsequent negative immune system effects in lactating dairy cows.

Weiss is a professor and dairy Extension specialist with The Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences, focusing in forage and feed utilization and nutrition. He received the 2015 American Dairy Sciences Association Fellow Award and has served as editor of the Journal of Dairy Science.

The session is geared toward veterinarians, extension educators, farmers, and other animal health professionals who work with certified organic livestock.

There is no cost to attend the webinar, but pre-registration is required. To register, click here. Veterinary Continuing Education (CE) credits will be granted on an “hour for hour” basis.