Vets Plus, Inc. introduced the PoultryPrefer line, the nutritional supplements that can be mixed in water or feed for birds.
Under the PoultryPrefer line, Vets Plus is offers Immunity Powder, Probiotics & Vitamins Powder, and Molting Powder.

PoultryPrefer products are ideal for hobby farmers and urban poultry owners with flocks of 5 to 10 birds. Dr. Vijay Sasi, veterinarian and vice president of technical service and export business at Vets Plus, said he has seen the number of people raising their own birds increase over the last few years.

“People are demanding more transparency in their food supply and one way to do that is by raising their own food, including poultry for eggs and meat,” he said.

The Immunity Powder supplement provides a way to support the health of birds without complete reliance on antibiotic feed additives, which many backyard bird enthusiasts are trying to avoid. “Because chickens live outside,” Dr. Sasi said, “they are constantly exposed to new health risks. Immunity Powder supports the birds’ natural defenses to help maintain a healthy flock.”

PoultryPrefer Probiotics and Vitamins Powder is recommended during periods of stress, including hot weather, shipping, and vaccination to support healthy appetite and digestion. The supplement also contains Inulin, a prebiotic which provides a source of nutrients for the beneficial bacteria.

While molting is a natural process, the appearance can be unsightly. PoultryPrefer Molting Powder encourages feather growth and helps to maintain good color during and after molting. The supplement contains a blend of key amino acids, biotin and zinc for healthy plumage.