Some of the region’s best meat breed genetics will sell at the 37th Annual Performance Tested Ram Lamb and 13th Annual Performance Tested Meat Goat Buck sales at 1 p.m. on August 1 at the Livestock Evaluation Center in Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa.

Producers from Pennsylvania and other states have consigned 39 ram lambs and 29 meat goat bucks for the sale, selected from the top-performing rams and bucks from the performance test.

Prior to the sale, the Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers Association will conduct a field day with youth and adult educational programs. Schedules for the field day, including events and speakers, are included in the 2015 sale catalog.

“Personnel from our department host world-class sales at our premier facility, but the efforts of Pennsylvania’s sheep and meat goat producers add to the atmosphere, making it an exceptional experience for producers,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. “I thank the Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers Association for hosting a field day that provides continuing education for adults and a strong industry foundation for youth.”

All rams and bucks are sold with growth data, feed efficiency, loin measurements and fat thicknesses. Included in the sale are 25 invitational ewe and 21 doe consignments from producers with animals on test. All animals sold at the sale are considered flock or herd improvers.

Breeds consigned to sale include the following:

  • Ram Lambs: Nine Dorpers, seven Texels, six Dorsets, six Suffolks, four Hampshires, three White Dorpers, two Shropshires, one Natural Colored and one crossbred.
  • Meat Goat Bucks: 23 Full-Blood Boers, five Purebred/Percentage Boers and one Percentage Kiko.

The rams and bucks ranged in age from three to nine months (beginning test) and were tested for growth, muscling and fat deposition over a 77-day period for rams and a 70-day period for goats. The genetic potential of the rams and bucks completing the testing program is indicated by the collected data.

Upon finishing the test, rams and bucks underwent ultrasound scans for loin eye area and fat thickness, and were examined for breeding soundness. Sheep and meat goat producers can use this data to make important breeding and sales decisions that will bring more value to a consumer and increase a farm’s profit.

For a sale catalog or for information on the Ram and Buck Test, contact station manager Greg Hubbard at 814-238-2527 or