A newly developed ProBiostatin/Livestock includes an all-natural, chemical-free product to improve delivery and survivability of beneficial livestock probiotics.

After successful test runs, ProBiostatin has been embraced by a number of food producers, including Jaindl Farms in Orefield, Pennsylvania – the turkey producers known for sending two Thanksgiving birds to the White House every year since 1962. Jaindl Farms produces about 750,000 turkeys a year, and over the holidays delivered a majority of these as healthy, antibiotic-free birds to Thanksgiving tables across the country, including a pair of Grand Champions to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“We started by using ProBiostatin feed additive in a trial last year and found the results to be outstanding,” said David Jaindl, owner of Jaindl Farms. “The product shows enough promise that we recently decided to significantly expand its use. We look forward to providing a better bird for our customers while also increasing our productivity.”

Moyer’s Chicks, a hatchery located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, has been using ProBiostatin in trial since March 2014. Jonathan Hollinger, general manager for Moyer’s Chicks, has been impressed with the overall health of his breeders and intends to have all his houses on ProBiostatin by the end of March 2015.

Partnering with ProBiostatin/Livestock is Creekside Farms Natural Solutions, a Pennsylvania-based, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company. Company president Lisa Smagalski said, “Our vision is to create a global marketplace for green products, incorporating and expanding on a natural, holistic approach from soil to table. Step by step we will move forward with cutting edge companies known for their best-in-class results to promote respect for our planet, our animals, the environment and for all life.”

ProBiostatin has been and continues to be the object of academic testing by several major agricultural universities, including West Texas A&M University, the University of Missouri, the University of Arkansas and other independent research facilities. ProBiostatin/Livestock is designed to increase the microbial mass of the intestinal tract and increase the beneficial uptake and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the existing livestock diet. Trials have shown it reduces or eliminates the use of antibiotics; lowers mortality and morbidity rates and increases the uptake of feed nutrients, vitamins and minerals.