The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) will present a field day on the benefits of choosing Highland cattle when producing grass-fed beef on July 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at H&H Cattle in Middletown, PA. The field day provides farmers and ranchers the opportunity to hear how the breed’s adaptability, grass-based diet, and high quality beef make it an excellent breed for beef production.

Attendees will hear presentations from H&H Cattle owner Marjie Hartz and Highland cattle expert, Dwight Eisenhauer. Marjie’s cattle operation focuses on raising Scottish Highland cattle for shows and breeding. Dwight has raised Highland cattle since 2005, and he has served as Director and President of the Mid Atlantic Highland Cattle Association Board of Directors, and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Highland Cattle Association, as well as the National Highland Cattle Association.

Highland cattle have many benefits that make them an ideal breed for grass-fed beef production. Even-tempered, Highlands are capable of thriving in many different climates and do well in less than ideal pasture or range land. Their shaggy coat helps insulate them so that they do not produce as much cover fat which helps cut down on wasted trim during butchering. Highlands also produce high quality beef that is lower in overall cholesterol yet higher in protein, with an even marbling providing consumers with the lean meat they want while not sacrificing nutrition or taste.

PASA’s Educational Programs Assistant Helen Kollar- McArthur says, “this Field Day is an opportunity for the those interested to gain in-depth exposure to the benefits of using this heritage breed in a grass based production system as well as a chance for experienced farmers to gain a greater understanding of this breed and improve their current operational practices. Making informed decisions in order to select the right breed to match your production system is paramount to achieving the results a farmer desires and producing a product that meets the demand of the current consumer market for lean, grass-fed and flavorful meat.”

The event is open to the public, registration costs $30.00 for PASA members, $45.00 for non-members, with lunch included. Special rates are available for those interested in purchasing a PASA membership with their registration. For complete information and to register online, visit their website and click on “PASA Field Day – Choosing the Right Breed for Grass Fed Beef Production: Highland Cattle.”