The Noble Foundation signed a commercialization agreement to bring the BoarBuster trap system to consumers across the United States. W-W Livestock Systems unveiled BoarBuster at the 39th annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee.

BoarBuster uses a rigid trap enclosure that is operationally elevated above a trap site. This arrangement allows feral hogs to freely enter and exit the trapping area, which reduces trap shyness, an inherent condition where intelligent animals learn what a trap does and how to avoid it. BoarBuster relies upon a newly developed camera system created by Tactical Electronics. This camera system offers the ability to deliver real-time video of the trap site, providing the viewer a broad view of the trap and any animal activity around the site. The video is optimized for day or night viewing.

When the system detects motion around the trap site, it sends an activity alert to the user via a smartphone and Web-based app. Users can then log onto the BoarBuster system and view the activity occurring at the trap site. Watching the live video eliminates accidently trapping any unwanted animals. Users can remotely activate the trap while watching the video whenever a desired number of hogs have entered the trap.

The scientific research conducted with the BoarBuster trap system shows its ability to provide feral hog population control. Feral hog populations must be reduced by 70 percent annually to achieve effective control. From years of testing and evaluation on both Noble Foundation properties as well as 10 locations around the United States, the Boarbuster trap system catches 88 percent of targeted hog populations.

The BoarBuster system, which is about 18 feet in diameter and capable of capturing more than 30 feral hogs per drop, will be available mid-summer 2015.