CRV USA has put together a package of genetic and product solutions to allow producers who require their cows to harvest their own forage to breed the kind of cow that will thrive in their system.

New Zealand Genetics

CRV USA’s sister company, CRV Ambreed, provides US grazing producers with sires for the New Zealand Merit Index. NZMI is a ‘desired gains index’ that is designed to breed cows that produce at high levels, are easily managed, and have the capacity and udder quality to ensure durability over multiple lactations. Breeds available include New Zealand Friesian, Jersey, and Crossbreeds. Friesian NZMI leader, MAELSTROM (Firenze x Pierre), is proven to sire daughters that produce well for several lactations. OVERDRIVE (O Man x Paladium) offers 8.7% Fertility and 575 Milk Litres. Headlining the premiere New Zealand Jersey program, DEGREE and SUPERSTITION are both A2A2 and offerstrong production, conformation, and positive fertility and health traits. NZMI star MENDELSSOHN (Easyrider x Maunga) offers a combination of New Zealand’s Freisian and Jersey breeding bases.

Dutch Polled Genetics
CRV started a progressive breeding program for polled Holsteins. Because of this, CRV USA can offer polled bulls from the prominent cow families in Europe and the US. These bulls will allow to breed a polled herd without compromising genetic progress. With daughters across the globe, ASTERIX P RED (Lawn Boy x Canvas) provides a combination of production at 720 KG Milk. Genomic star POWERPLAY PP RC (Parker P x Magna P) is a homozygous polled leader for both GTPI at 2078 and NVI at 244. POWERPLAY is an option for heifers with his high fertility and low calving ease.

Fleckvieh/Montbeliarde Genetics
The Fleckvieh breed is one of Europe’s oldest breeds and, with a total population of 41 million, it is the second largest breed in the world. It was developed to be highly productive on mostly grass-based diets and to produce higher amounts of fat and protein for cheese making. CRV’s Fleckvieh breeding program uses populations in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic to ensure that it sources the best available bulls. Similar to Fleckviehs, CRV USA also has two Montbeliarde bulls available.

MRY Genetics
A native to the Netherlands, the MRY is a dual purpose breed that can increase protein content, improve fertility and lactation persistency while maintaining body condition throughout a lactation. The CRV MRY breeding program aims to up milk protein production and keeping veterinary costs low. Key traits of the MRY include, strong feet and legs, longevity, easy calving and valuable carcasses. Throughout the world the MRY is becoming increasing popular due to its outstanding fertility, longevity and protein traits. With eight sires available in the US, MRY offers an alternative breed for producers practicing crossbreeding looking for a different red breed than Fleckvieh, Swedish Red, or Normande.

Dairy Beef Genetics
The mating season is a short window, and often times there are tail enders or cows that you don’t desire replacements from as they will not improve your herd long-term. For these animals, CRV has worked within its global breeding program to provide dairy beef bulls screened for fertility, calving ease, and short gestation to get those tail enders back on track. Breeds available include Angus, Hereford Polled, Limousin, and several others.

Breeding Supplies Breeding is investing in the future and CRV’s mating program, SireMatch, is designed to make the right breeding decisions while managing inbreeding and genetic defects. SireMatch is suitable for all herds’ needs and for every breeding goal, for every breed, and for every cow. CRV USA offers a package of breeding supplies including heat detection products such as patches, paint, and chalk as well as breeding guns, sheaths, gloves, and lubricants.