Four live black calves were born to a cow in Dekalb, Texas.

The cow, described by owner Dora Rumsey-Barling, as “just a run of the mill red cow,” had been bred to an Angus bull, so all 4 of the calves are black.

“We didn’t think she was due, even for one calf,” Dora says.

Buzzards spotted circling over their 100-acre property in the Hubbard community south of DeKalb early Monday afternoon prompted the retired couple to head to a spot about 500 yards from the house. That’s where she says they found the cow had already given birth to 3 of the surprise calves.

Twin births aren’t all that unusual for cattle, but according to Veterinary Obstetrics and Genital Diseases, the odds of a cow having quadruplets are 1:700,000. The odds of having all four calves born alive are 1:11.2 million.

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