Biosprint®,  the yeast for animal nutrition produced by Prosol S.p.A., has been the subject of the scientific opinion of EFSA, European Food Safety Authority about his safety and efficacy for use in diets for minor ruminant species.

Biosprint® is a zootechnical feed additive consisting of a dried preparation of a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (MUCL 39885). This yeast for animal nutrition was already authorized in previous opinions for use in feed for piglets, cattle for fattening, dairy cows, horses and sows and now the active yeast has been finally approved by EFSA for use in minor ruminant species for meat and milk production: the EU in fact approved the use of Biosprint® as a zootechnical additive (functional group: gut flora stabilisers) also in diets for dairy buffaloes, dairy sheep and dairy goats, and for buffaloes and goats for fattening.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is considered by EFSA to be suitable for the QPS approach to safety assessment. As the identity of the production strain has been established and as the additive essentially consists of only the active agent, safety for the target species, the consumer and the environment is presumed.

The efficacy of the additive has been already demonstrated for dairy cows and cattle for fattening, which are considered the relevant major species. As the mechanism of action of the additive has been considered to be the same, efficacy for minor ruminant species used for milk and/or for fattening when used at minimum doses established for the major species has been presumed without the need for specific studies. This would be 2 × 109 CFU/kg feed for minor dairy ruminants and 4 × 109 CFU/kg feed for minor ruminants for fattening.