The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program funded a regional survey of cow-calf farmers in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. The results of the survey that will help guide regional beef industry educational programming and NNYADP-funded research projects for the next five years are now posted in the Livestock section here.

A snapshot of survey results shows:

-96 percent of the NNY beef producers surveyed plan to expand or maintain their current size

-The predominant breed of beef cattle raised in Northern New York is Angus

-52 percent of those surveyed sell direct to consumers by freezer trade

-48 percent of those surveyed sell direct to a cattle buyer

-8 percent of those surveyed sell breeding stock

-Increasing numbers of beef farmers are developing relationships with a veterinarian to help maintain herd health and quality beef production.

Cow-calf farmers in NNY maintain the permanent breeding herds that are the foundation of the beef industry. Cow-calf operations supply 500 lb. to 800 lb. calves to feedlots that grow them out for beef processors, sell breeding stock to other producers, and package beef for direct sale to local consumers and food buyers.

Beef producers in Northern New York are increasingly interested in research and educational opportunities to help them improve herd management, farm efficiency, and profitability. Agricultural educators locally and at Cornell University are using the survey input to guide their extension and outreach efforts, says NNY Regional Livestock Team Leader Betsy Hodge, a livestock specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County.