The Maine Beef Producers Association (MBPA) is sponsoring a preconditioned feeder calf sale at Dick Brown’s auction barn on Route 197 in Richmond, ME on November 7 at 11 a.m.

Cow Calf producers have taken the time to precondition their calves for this sale. Preconditioning reduces the incidence of respiratory disease, pinkeye and enteritis by increasing the immunity of the calf in preparation of the stress of weaning and shipping.  Dehornings and castrations are healed.

Some cow calf producers consigning animals to the sale have also signed affidavits attesting that their animals have been raised under the MBPA Natural Meats program protocol of never having received hormones, antibiotics, or feeds or feed supplements containing animal-by-products. And/or their animals are 100% grass (forage) fed, no grains, grain-by-products, grain crops, grain crop silages, or other prohibited feeds under the USDA grass fed guidelines have been fed.

The MBPA are expecting 75 to 100 calves weighing between 500 to 900 pounds to be sold. If you are interested in buying a few or a lot of animals or have questions contact Sale Manager, Pete Dusoe at 207-416-5441 or