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Do you want to help conserve our natural environment?

Obtaining a forestry degree is one of the most critical steps you can take in order to educate yourself and learn what it takes to work forest services.

One of the most basic requirements to gain an entry level employment in this field is to obtain your associate’s degree. To heighten your chances of employment and expand on your resume, it is recommended to obtain a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree in the following environmental fields:

  • Horticulture
  • Horticulture Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Management

If you are an individual that can truly appreciate nature, then you may be a perfect candidate for degree in forestry. We’ll also offer you a list of schools that can help you in your quest to obtain a legitimate degree in forestry so that you can jumpstart your career at once.

The forestry career path is an enjoyable one, but you will also face many challenges that require specialized skills in order for you to succeed. A degree in forestry will very often lead to a career in many science, industry, and environmental management jobs.

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In the past, a forestry major’s top career option would have been to become a park ranger; however, with problems such as dwindling species, destructive pests, and more – the demand for foresters has increased, thus broadening career options for this degree path.

Here are some common career paths for a forestry degree major:

  • Forestry Science
  • Forestry Ranger
  • Procurement Agents
  • Conservation and Resource Management
  • Urban Foresters
  • And More

While obtaining a forestry degree online is a wonderful accomplishment, it is absolutely critical that you receive your degree plan from an accredited university.

Online Forester Programs

Online forestry degree options are rare because of the fact there it requires so much immersion and hands on training. The good news is that there are some universities that still offer online degree solutions.

Denver University College

Denver University College offers an environment studies degree. Classes are offered in 10 week terms and are available either online or on campus.   During this degree program, you will learn how to:

  • Manage natural resources
  • Control pollution
  • Acquire energy and sustainability knowledge
  • Acquire the ability to solve problems and make skillful decisions regarding the environment
  • Develop reporting skills
  • Permitting
  • Translate large amounts of environmental data into comprehensible facts
  • Master policy and decision making techniques

Scholarship and financial aid are also available for this regionally accredited school.


Kaplan offers the opportunity to either purse a Bachelor’s in environmental policy or Master’s degree online in environmental policy, respectively. With their Bachelor’s degree program, you will gain the ability to acquire a wide variety of skills including the ability to:

  • Explore the relationship between public and private sectors
  • Discover the workings of economics and how they affect the environment
  • Gain access to latest case studies, knowledge, and research
  • Learn from those who have on-site expertise.
  • Collaborate with live seminars, discussion boards, and one-on-one instructor interaction

The master’s degree is similar, however, it is more concentrated on environmental policy. Therefore, you can expect to:

  • Learn both national and international laws and how they relate to the environment.
  • Discover social factors that contribute to today’s modern day environmental challenges.
  • Learn political factors that affect the green industry.
  • Learn any other skills necessary to take on the challenges of today’s environment.

Kaplan University also offers discounts to military veterans, military spouses, to international students. Furthermore, Kaplan University also offers scholarships and grants to eligible applicants.

School of Forest Resources & Conservation

SFRC offers certificate programs in:

  • Environmental education & communication
  • Natural resource policy
  • Ecological Restoration
  • And more.

Furthermore, you will be able to earn these certificates on your own time without any long-term commitment.

Ashford University

Ashford University, accredited by the WASC, is a school that specializes in online degrees. With a mission to provide an innovative, yet affordable experience, they have created a great Forestry degree option for online students. Furthermore they offer a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies so that you can pursue a career path in forestry. Here are some of the things you can expect to experience at Ashford University:

  • Learn language specific terms that are related to the environmental fields
  • Learn about and utilize specific technologies that increase work efficiency
  • Use critical thinking skills to analyze and solve complex environmental situations.

In order to get the degree, it is required that you take 120 credits including 30 upper division courses in which 30 are completed at Ashford University.

Columbia Southern University

Located in Orange Beach Alabama, Columbia Southern University seeks to completely change lives through education! Offering a multitude of associate, bachelor, master, and even doctoral programs online – they are becoming a huge force in the online education arena. When it comes to forestry they offer two main education options. Environmental Management and Graduate Environmental Management certification.

With major’s classes ranging from environmental science to toxicology, you will be able to learn and gain the skills necessary to achieve a position in this career path. After acquiring a total of 120 credit hours, you will be on your way to graduation with a great job in the Forestry field!

What is there to Learn about Forestry Degrees?

There are forestry degrees and others that are closely related to it.   These degrees will teach you how to manage a forest and other types of public or even private land. If you want to work at a natural conservation park, or to work with organizations that help protect ecosystems, then this is definitely the career choice for you!

  • Forestry Degrees – Are you interested in pursuing a career in the agriculture or natural resources field? This is a great option if you’re the type is looking for a forester job as you can expect to earn over $56K in the career path. Furthermore, you can obtain a master’s degree and earn even more. Salaries will vary based on where you live; however, the employment is stable, and you’ll always be engaged with nature!
  • Environmental Management Degrees – Do you have a passion for the outdoors? Do you have strong leadership skills that you want to utilize as well? You will want to go down the environmental management degree path. This career path can have you earning nearly $10K a year difference when compared to just being a forester. Furthermore, you can expect to take on a directorial, managerial, or supervisory role if you decide to pursue this degree.
  • Natural Resources and Sustainability Degrees – Are you interested in becoming a natural science manager? Sustainability specialist? Maybe even an environmental project manager. You can pursue these fields or more as these types of jobs focus on social responsibility.
  • There is an ever increasing awareness on climate changes & global warming, therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that we develop programs and install systems that help our environment and natural wildlife.
  • Environmental Sciences/Studies – You can either pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in this career path. Furthermore, you can pursue job titles such as ecologist, soil scientist, environmental impact analyst, and more.

What Are the Classes Going to Be Like?

Some of the most common forestry classes include the following:

  • Environmental Science – This type of class covers chemical cycles, reactions, and ecosystem variations. You will also generally gain analytical skill development pertaining to the populations of species and biodiversity, and last but not least – the ability to analyze human’s impact on the environment.
  • Waste Management – During this class, you will usually learn a history of waste management from the ancient era to the modern day times. Furthermore, you will be able to learn, identify, and even resolve solutions to the habits, trends, and impacts of the waste management cycle. Learning the major categories of hazardous waste, current laws being integrated to boost the progress in waste management, and learning to define hazardous waste will be crucial skills as you move forward in your degree plan!
  • Environmental Law – This class revolves around the study of pollutants and government regulations. Therefore, you will discuss the American legislature that governs the environment including the Environmental Protection Agency, American Legal System, and others that help to control pollutants. In the class, you will be asked to break down the EPA’s complex organization, it’s ultimate goal, and their current policy setting responsibilities.
  • Air Quality – With today’s transportation and technology creating an increasing atmospheric clutter, it is critical to learn about the effects of air pollutants and their effect on not only human health – but the environment as a whole! Therefore, you will be studying the technology needed to control emissions from both transportation sources as well as stationary buildings. Also, there will be air pollutant research on a micro indoor scale as well and measuring their effect on human health (i.e. cigarettes, asbestos).

Is It Hard to Find a Job in Forestry?

The need for forestry professionals is ever increasing. Why? Quite simply the population is increasing, and therefore our rate of fossil fuel consumption is on the rise. For this reason, the environment is rapidly changing – however, not in favor to the existence of life today.

This is why there is a projected 13% increase for forestry professionals in the next decade. The jobs aren’t limited to simply being a forest manager or ranger – you can also work as a consultant for a government agency as well. If you want to be a forester – the competition is a little tough, therefore, you will want to put in a large amount of volunteer hours with highly credited and well known environmental organizations. By receiving the hands-on training – you can provide the resume experience necessary to get the job.

Many foresters started when they were young, participating in boy scouts, attending workshops – so in order to gain recognition in this career path, it’s necessary that you excel in the classroom and pursue a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Also, choose your internship wisely!

Forestry Management & Job Stability

Forestry management is a very stable career path. The only problem is the same fact. It is so stable, that job openings are rare. The reasoning is because most people who land these jobs are absolutely thrilled to stay right where they are.

They travel around the country and teach under-studies and employees different techniques on how to implement more efficient and effective conservation techniques and system. They also travel and teach students how to take better care of the land.

Will a 2 Year Associate’s Degree Get Me a Job?

It is recommended that you get a 4 year degree. If you get a 2 year degree in this career path – then you want to make sure that you go out of your way to acquire a great deal of volunteer hours. You will want to surpass the “required” amount of hours so you can launch yourself into an elite category.

What Are the Prerequisites for a Forestry Degree?

If you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, it is required that you get a high school diploma or GED. Furthermore, every school has their own specific GPA and credit requirement. It is best to speak with a new enrollee counselor in order to find out if you’re eligible.

Who Accredits Forestry Schools and Colleges?

All colleges with Forestry programs are accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). This organization reviews all curriculum and guidelines in order to make sure students are receiving an adequate education that can be transferred to other fields as well. If you are looking into an online program, you want to make sure it is accredited by the SAF; if not, you could be wasting years of time and money!


Forestry is a very common career path in which the demand is growing dramatically. If you are pursuing a degree online it is best to make sure that it is legitimate. This is a growing field in which you can expect to earn $50K or more while constantly being in touch with the environment! The key is to start your education as soon as possible, hesitation is the reason why many people never achieve their goals!