Dairy cell 004

Dairy cell

On March 23, about 35 Young Farmers Ambassadors (YFA) will visit Silicone Engineering Ltd in Blackburn, producers of silicone tubing used extensively in the dairy industry. The students will have a walking tour and talk exploring the manufacturing of silicone dairy tubing. The YFA encourages members to visit businesses involved in the farming chain to gain a broader understanding of their industry.

The visitors will first be given a presentation explaining how the company fits into the dairy industry, with examples of silicone dairy tubes on show as well as a dairy video by Silicone Engineering showing the complete dairy tubing manufacturing process. A tour of the factory will explain the process of silicone production and highlight the benefits of silicone tubes from durability, hygiene and flexibility a wide range of temperatures. A full explanation of the dairy tube process will be given in the dedicated food and beverage cell and the YFAs will be able to see the tubing being made in real time using the firm’s state of the art equipment.

With experts on hand, including a working dairy farmer who utilizes the silicone tubing, there will be opportunities for questions on the process, enabling the farmers of the future to gain a more detailed insight into the industry and how silicone tubing could be benefiting them in the future.

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