Dairy farmer Walt Moore will begin his first term as President of the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (PDMP) on January 1 after being unanimously elected by the Board of Directors during their December meeting.  Walt is a partner with his father Bill and wife Ellen at Walmoore Holsteins, Inc. in Chester County, PA; a 850 cow dairy which has been recognized frequently for their innovation and progressive business practices.

Walt Headshot

Walt Moore

Joining Moore as officers of the dairy producer led organization for 2015 are Vice President Justin Risser of Meadow Vista Dairy in Lancaster County; Secretary Tony Brubaker from Brubaker Farms, Lancaster County; and Treasurer Joel Krall, partner at Furnace Hill Holsteins, Lebanon County.

A founding member of the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania twenty years ago, Walt Moore is now in his second term on the Board; having returned in 2011.  As the organization recognizes it’s twentieth anniversary in 2015, PDMP leadership plans to continue its advocacy role for dairy farmers on a variety of issues including DEP’s understanding of dairy producers’ perspective and efforts on environmental issues and educating legislators and policy leaders on issues involving farmers’ ability to use safe and scientifically sound technology.

The group will also build upon the record attendance of the past couple of years at its professional development programs including dairy tours, Summer Summits and co-hosting the PA Dairy Summit in February.

Moving into 2015, the incoming President calls to all Pennsylvania’s dairy producers to become active members of PDMP.   “Over the past twenty-years, this organization has evolved into a sophisticated and highly respected organization offering great programs specifically for dairy producers, as well as giving them voice with policy makers at every level of government,” said Moore.  Pointing out that PDMP is organized and run by producers, and comprised of members who are united by the common drive to be a profitable business in the long term regardless of herd size, Moore added, “Every dairy producer who wants to sustain a profitable business in Pennsylvania should be a member of PDMP.”

At their Annual Membership meeting held in November, PDMP members re-elected Risser to his second three-year term and elected new members to the Board of Directors: Candice Dotterer White of Paul Dotterer & Sons in Mill Hall, PA; Dough Harbach, from Schrack Farms in Loganton, PA; and Brett Reinford Farms in Mifflintown, PA.  Kirk Sattazahn, Director of Marketing for Select Sire Power, Inc. was elected to fill the vacant Associate member position on the Board of Directors.