Agri-Mark Board Chairman Neal Rea announced at the 35th Annual Meeting of the dairy farmers effective May 1. Ed Townley of Williston, Vermont will become CEO of Agri-Mark. Current CEO Richard Stammer will become the Executive Senior Vice President and continue to serve the cooperative in a strategic position aimed to take advantage of his 33 years of service to Agri-Mark.

Stammer’s contributions to the cooperative’s growth includes playing a leading role in the farmers’ merger in 1992 with Cabot, Investment in the acquisition of the Middlebury plant from a Kraft-owned Swiss cheese facility to Cabot cheddar and Agri-Mark whey and proteins, the enhancement of the West Springfield plant to butter production and the expansion of the cooperative into upstate New York with the merger of the Allied Federation of Cooperatives and the merger with the Chateugay Cooperative and their McCadam cheese facility.