The Select Sires board of directors, consisting of dairy and beef producers from across the country, recently voted to build new facilities to accommodate current and future growth. Two facilities will be constructed at the Hoyt Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) Center for the housing of five- to eight-month-old bulls entering Select Sires’ facilities. This will grow the capacity of Select Sires’ admittance and quarantine facilities by 50 percent.

“This expansion is to provide the capacity to meet our rapidly expanding semen sales today and in the future. Our veterinarians and production teams have worked with many researchers from across the country to design the barns for the highest air quality and to maximize the growth of these young bulls,” stated David Thorbahn, president and chief executive officer. “These new barns will provide more individual pens for personalized attention for the new arrivals as well as the ability to implement an accelerated growth plan. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible care of these bulls provided by top-quality breeders and maximize their growth and long-term production.”

The new admittance and quarantine facilities will uphold Select Sires’ strict biosecurity standards to maintain global semen availability.

“These new facilities provide flexibility for our veterinary department to manage multiple all-in/all-out intervals for enhanced biosecurity,” explains Dr. Don Monke, vice president of production operations. “In addition to providing management flexibility, these buildings will provide comfort and individual housing for genomically superior bulls at a young age, which could lead to improved future performance.”

Select Sires expects to continue to expand and develop housing and collection facilities to meet growing market demands and upgrade bull care and well-being.