dPortaCheck, Inc., in cooperation with PortaScience, Inc., launched BHBCheck™, a new BHB blood ketone meter and test strip. This new monitoring system will be available throughout the United States and selected dealerships worldwide in November 2015.

The BHBCheck meter matches the accuracy blood meter users are accustomed to seeing with existing meters on the market, but offers lower cost and ready product availability that PortaCheck customers have come to expect.

“We became aware of a supply problem for test strips used in some meters, and after looking closely at the costs and technology involved, we decided to address the problem and provide a new tool for the dairy industry,” said Mike Gavin, President of PortaCheck.

PortaCheck also manufactures the PortaBHB® milk ketone test, which uses milk squirted directly from a cow. The new BHBCheck Meter expands PortaCheck’s ketosis testing product line to further meet the needs of the industry.