SEPCOM_Standard UnitSEPCOM™* Separators are designed to extract liquid from slurry manures, yielding both a nutrient-rich liquid and fibrous solid materials, while also alleviating many concerns related to manure transportation, storage, odors, and biosecurity.

The resulting solids are odorless, can be used for livestock bedding or marketed as natural fertilizer, and are easy to shovel, store, and convey. The separated liquid can be spread, mixed, pumped, and stored with no crusting.

SEPCOM™ Bedding Separators feature the largest dewatering screen surface area on the market, and are capable of producing separated solids with a +35%** dry matter. The SEPCOM™ units do not require continuous 24-hour operation – material can be processed on-demand, as needed.

Patz also offers SEPCOM™ Standard Duty Separators with the ability to produce solids with a dry matter content of 25-30%**, Standard Duty Separators can be used for a variety of applications including the separation of cattle and hog manure, waste/byproducts of the food/nut/wine industries, paper pulp, and more.

A variety of options, including choice of reversible dewatering screens and optional stainless steel or FDA-approved [food-grade] SINT™ polymer screws are available for both SEPCOM™ Separator units, allowing customization for many applications.