Manitou has introduced the MLT 1040 agricultural/multi-purpose telescopic loader to the North American market. This machine offers a lift height of 31’6″ (9.60 m) and forward reach at 21’6″ (6.55 m) for the MLT Series product line.

The MLT 1040 is ideal for larger commercial dairy farms excelling at mixing feed, hay handling, dropping tires over silage bunkers, manure handling, material loading and hauling, and other heavy lifting tasks at high lift heights. The MLT 1040 is built similar in structure to the MLT 840-137 hp model, however the MLT 1040 is the only MLT agricultural telescopic handler that features a 3-section full power boom and frame leveling of 7 degrees in either direction for load stability on uneven ground.

Other standard features include a comfort ride control boom suspension system, a limited continuous auxiliary flow, a deluxe cab with heat, defrost, and air conditioning, and the Manitou JSM (Joystick, Switch and Move) single joystick control. More features include agricultura tires and an auto-reversing fan to automatically clean out engine debris during operation.