The November feed outlook by USDA boosted U.S. corn supplies to a near-record 15,415 million bushels. In that report, USDA lowered its predicted ethanol use and exports, but raised corn’s feed and residual use.

Breeders are continuing to develop improved hybrids for Northeastern farmers to take advantage of the market. Sophisticated technology has offered a range of enhancement, and seedsmen can provide abundant choices according to an increased variety of farmer needs. The following new updates for 2016 corn hybrids were provided to us at press time. For more information, farmers should contact their dealers for more specific data.


Doebler’s has featured Optimum AcreMax, Agrisure Artesian and AQUAMax in its new offerings. Doebler’s also offers some of its hybrids organically. Doebler’s has several new hybrids other than these listed.

  • 3316AM, a 93-day Optimum AcreMax hybrid provides above-ground integrated refuge for ease of refuge management. With a shorter plant stature and excellent grain quality this hybrid will work well for grain or high moisture corn. This hybrid exhibits strong agronomics with high scores for standability and drought tolerances. It also highly resists Northern corn leaf blight and has excellent late season intactness. 3316AM is recommended to be planted at medium to high populations for best performance and works best when kept in zone from central Pennsylvania north throughout New York.
  • 3916GRQ is a 99-day Agrisure Artesian 3011A hybrid, which maximizes yield when it rains and increases yields when it doesn’t. This is a taller hybrid with exceptional silage quality and high grain yield potential making it well suited for silage or grain production. This hybrid has a very strong agronomic and disease package, high scores for Northern corn leaf blight and grayleaf spot, making it well suited for most acres on the farm. 3916GR is recommended to be planted at medium to high populations for best performance and is highly recommended for New York and Pennsylvania, plus exhibiting strong southern movement down into the Delmarva area. This hybrid needs 20 percent refuge.
  • 4115XY, a 101-day conventional Optimum AQUAMax hybrid, delivers rain or shine. This medium to tall high grain yielding hybrid works well for grain or silage. This hybrid also shows outstanding drought tolerance with a strong disease package, including high scores for Northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot, making it well suited for most farm acreage. 4115XY is recommended to be planted at medium to high populations for best performance and is highly recommended for New York and Pennsylvania, plus it exhibits strong southern movement down into the Delmarva area. Also available as N4115 (Certified Organic), 4115AM (Optimum AcreMax) and 4115AMXT (Optimum AcreMax Extreme.)

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Dekalb’s eight new GENSSRIB hybrids each incorporate 5 percent refuge in a bag. Also those traits protect against the European and Southwestern corn borer, Northern and Western corn rootworm, corn earworm, fall armyworm, Western bean cutworm and black cutworm. Each of these also includes the RR2/LL tolerance.

  • DKC45-07RIB silage corn, at 95 days has good emergence, seedling growth, root and stalk strength, and silage yield at 65 percent moisture, and ranks very well for NDFd 30 hr, and milk per ton and per acre.
  • DKC46-36RIB 96-day grain corn, with good seedling growth root and stalk strength, plus test weight, also ranks highly in silage yield and milk per ton and milk per acre.
  • Grain corn DKC49-72RIB, at 99 days, has exceptional emergence, seedling vigor, root strength and drydown.
  • DKC52-84RIB, 102-day grain corn, has good seedling vigor, root and stalk strength, drydown, and NDFd 30 hr and milk per ton traits.
  • Silage corn DKC53-45RIB, at 103 days, has good emergence and drought tolerance, drydown, plus very good silage yield at 65 percent moisture, NDFd 30 hr, milk per ton and per acre.
  • DKC54-38RIB, 104 day grain corn, excels in emergence and resistance to Southern corn leaf blight. It also shows good seedling growth and root strength, plus silage yield at 65 percent moisture and milk per ton and per acre.
  • DKC56-06RIB grain corn, 108 days, with good emergence, ranks high in seedling growth, root strength and test weight, and tolerance to Southern corn leaf blight.
  • Grain corn DKC63-3-33RIB, at 113 days, has excellent drydown and very good silage yield at 65 percent moisture and milk per acreage.
  • Dekalb has for 2016 three new GENVT3PRIB hybrids, which incorporate 10 percent refuge in a bag, and RR2 tolerance. All three protect from European and Southwestern corn borer, Northern and Western corn rootworm, corn earworm and fall armyworm.
  • Dual purpose DKC43-48RIB, a 93-day hybrid, excels in seeding growth, and shows very good stalk strength, drought tolerance, drydown, and tolerance for Southern corn leaf blight, and gray leaf spot. Its silage traits include good yield at 65 percent moisture, and milk per acre.
  • DKC58-83RIB, at 108 days, has good emergence, and seedling growth. This silage corn also has good drydown and test weight. Silage yield at 65 percent moisture is good, also good with NDFd 30 hr, and milk per ton and per acre.
  • Dual purpose DKC61-88RIB, 111 days, ranks well in the growth of stalk and root strength traits, plus drought tolerance, drydown, test weight, and tolerance to Southern corn leaf blight. This hybrid also ranks highly in the silage traits of milk per ton and per acre.

King’s AgriSeeds

King’s AgriSeeds includes four Masters Choice new corn hybrids for Northeastern farmers for 2016.

  • Masters Choice 4050 packs an outstanding yield punch for silage and grain. The eye-appealing tall plant stays green late and has a strong disease package. Its soft, floury grain improves starch availability in silage, high moisture storage, or dry grain. Both emergence and seeding vigor rank high. With above average test weight, the ear of 4050 is semi-flex. This 90-day corn, population 28 – 34k, is not recommended for corn following corn. Growers can choose among conventional (non-GMO), certified organic, Viptera 3111 and 5222 E-Z Refuge.
  • Masters Choice 4630 has great yield potential for silage or grain. With early vigor suited for early planting, its disease package combats Northern and Southern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot. Drydown is good, and the flex ear allows low to moderate populations. The high sugars and extremely soft, floury grain provides high starch digestibility. Available in conventional, this 96-day hybrid excels for no-till. Population recommended is 23 – 32k.
  • Masters Choice 5250 consistently yields at the top in trials and the full flex, white cob ear make it very attractive for silage with excellent plant health and agronomics. This 103-day hybrid performs in a variety of soil types and regions. This quality corn has high sugars, extremely floury grain and great fiber digestibility. The recommended planting population ranges from 26 to 32k. With excellent seedling vigor, this conventional corn adapts to all tillage systems, and responds to corn after corn.
  • Masters Choice 5370 has excellent stalk strength and root structure for standability. This tall, robust hybrid yields well for silage and grain. With great emergence and vigor, it responds positively to fungicide application in GLS areas. This 103-day, semi-flex hybrid delivers high sugars, floury grain and great fiber digestibility. Availability includes conventional, glyphosate tolerant and 3122 E-Z refuge. It competes well in cold soil and no-till situations. Planting is recommended at 26 – 34k.

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Seedway has four new corn products with Genuity Smartstax especially for Northeast grain and silage. Each shows excellent response to high inputs. With refuge in bag, none requires structured refuge in the glyphosate herbicide system.

  • Short stature SW 2400GENSS (RIB) handles high populations well, and is ideal for long corn rotation acres that need maximum insect protection. With excellent emergence, root and stalk strength, this hybrid yields well in 84 days. Its complete Northern grain hybrid package includes very good Northern corn leaf blight resistance.
  • SW 3768GENSS (RIB) moves North well. With great Northern corn leaf blight tolerance, it features strong top end grain yield potential. Its showy semi-erect leaved plan has a semi-fixed ear with excellent consistency down the row. It dries well for its 95 – 94 day maturity for profitable shell corn production.
  • SW 4010GENSS (RIB) shows exceptional grain yield potential. In 2015 tests, it yielded over 250 bushels per acre in numerous research plots. Its Northern corn leaf blight above average resistance supports yield consistency across both acres and yields. Semi-flex ear, good test weight, root strength and emergence all add to its appeal. Seedway notes that this hybrid should not missed by farmers who grow 100 – 99 day maturity corn.
  • SW 6550GENSS (RIB) has large grain yield potential. Medium stature and staygreen, its stalks and roots support yield to maturity. This 108 – 107 day hybrid performs well for all acres, including corn after corn, even in the presence of gray leaf spot and Northern and Southern corn blights. This leader for high populations and high yield potential environments should not be missed in its maturity slot.
  • In addition, Seedway lists a conventional grain and silage corn and two GMO hybrids with other resistance traits.
  • Seedway’s conventional grain and silage, SW 5410, shows very good response to high inputs. It has consistent high yields with exceptional drydown and test weight – unusual in the same product. The semi-flex ear has considerable girth. With its rapid spring emergence, its stand establishes early. The traits of this hybrid are ideal for structured refuge, non-GMO and organic acres. Its adequate Northern leaf blight resistance supports its yield across locations. Its relative maturity is 104 – 103 days.
  • With its glyphosate plus rootworm trait, SW 5559GTRW suits continuous corn acres that need rootworm protection. Its glyphosate resistance controls weeds. Also, it shows superior Northern corn leaf blight tolerance than similar maturity hybrids. A true flex ear type, it performs well across different population levels. This 106 – 105-day hybrid dries well as a grain hybrid and feeds well as a silage hybrid.
  • Silage-specific SW 3019LGTCBLL is a new combination of leafy silage specific traits with glyphosate/glufosinate herbicide packages and genetic corn borer protection. A medium tall leafy plant with excellent content silage, it yields digestible fiber and grain. Even though it is silage-specific, it rivals best grain hybrids on grain yields. Seedway indicates this hybrid is a must-try where its 91 – 90 maturity fills the bunk.

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T.A. Seeds

T.A. Seeds has incorporated multiple Genuity traits into seven of its new hybrids, plus Liberty Link’s Agrisure Artesian into one new hybrid in its 2016 introductions.

  • Dual purpose, 85-day TA 246 has the latter traits. It has high yield potential, drought tolerance, superior standability, staygreen, and a disease package that includes resistance to common rust and Northern corn leaf blight. The recommended population range is medium for this semi-flex eared plant.
  • TA266, also dual purpose, matures in 86 days. RIB complete, it includes VT Double Pro and Smartstax. It excels in both grain yield and silage use, and has a high population range. With excellent roots and stalks, it responds well to productive soils.
  • Dual purpose TA455 has both Agrisure and Viptera characteristics. With excellent test weight, great stalks and foliar package, Northern corn leaf blight tolerance, and staygreen, it excels at higher and lower yield levels.
  • Silage corn TA486, at 98 days, has a semi-flex ear, and medium population range. Standability and seedling vigor rank high. This hybrid has the VT Triple Pro trait. With a semi-flex ear, it produces high quality silage with a medium population range. It has great standability and seedling vigor.
  • TA506 combines drought and stress tolerance. With both VT Double Pro and Smartstax, this versatile medium statured grain hybrid produces high yields at 100 days maturity. It ranks well for standability with its strong stalks and roots.
  • TA616 silage corn offers great early vigor on a medium tall plant with a girthy semi-flex ear. This 110-day corn can be planted at medium high populations. It has VT Double Pro and VT Triple Pro traits. It excels at feed efficiency.
  • Multi-purpose TA636 responds well to high management. With excellent leaf blight tolerances, it also manages gray leaf spot, common rust and anthracnose blight. Drought tolerance and standability rank highly for this 111-day girthy eared medium height hybrid. It incorporates Double Pro and RIB complete.
  • TA736, a 113-day dual purpose hybrid with VT Double Pro has very good drought tolerance and plant health, plus great agronomics. Its population range is medium high. The semi-flex ear is placed at medium height. This hybrid moves North and South well.
  • Grain corn TA746, with Smartstax and RIB complete, has high grain yield potential. Also drought tolerant, the medium-high population can be pushed under irrigation. With good seedling vigor and staygreen traits, this 114-day hybrid has semi-flex ears, and is responsive to fungicides.

The hybrids listed are available from dealers.

Cover Photo by Scott Bauer, courtesy of USDA-ARS.