King’s AgriSeeds Inc. advocates a diverse crop rotation and teaches farmers to use their highly digestible products in combination with the proper agronomic practices to maximize productivity on each acre.

Every year, King’s hosts a series of winter meetings to grow customers’ understanding of forage use. One of King’s objectives this year is to build dairy farmers’ strategies for surviving the poor dairy market. Starting with high-quality, high yielding feeds grown on the farm, we help many of our customers learn to use techniques like diversifying forage acres, double-cropping, combining perennials and annuals, and making the best use of corn silage in the field and the ration.

From January 14-29, King’s AgriSeeds staff will meet with producers in locations across New York and New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South as part of a string of yearly educational Winter Forage Events. During the course of these all-day interactive workshops, president Tim Fritz and other staff members introduce the company’s line of forage and pasture seed products and discuss the agronomics and management techniques used by livestock producers, as well as various cover crop applications.

King’s staff, featuring agronomists and nutritionists, with the addition of academic guest speakers such as Dr. Matt Poore of North Carolina State University, Dr. David Combs of the University of Wisconsin, and Drs. Debbie and Jerry Cherney of Cornell University, will speak about maximizing land productivity in pastures, hayfields, and crop acreage. They will also explain increasing herd productivity with a high-forage diet that minimizes purchased grain.

Speakers cover many topics related to forage use, not only introducing King’s AgriSeeds products, but also explaining advances in breeding technology and what the test plots have revealed. Using alternative forages, options for perennial pastures, and handling pest pressure will also be emphasized. King’s representatives will seek to educate attendees on maximizing the value of the crop with a sound rotation, weed management, soil health maintenance, and selection of forage genetics to meet the demands of their systems. The ultimate goal is customers’ success with the products.

Meeting Details

Meetings are free of charge and lunch is included. They take place at the following locations from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Call King’s AgriSeeds for more details and to RSVP at (717) 687-6224. 

Mid-Atlantic Region Meetings: Includes Guest Speakers Tim Beck, Dairy Educator at Penn State Extension, and Dr. David Combs, Dairy Nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin

January 18 – Montezuma Hall, Dayton, Va

January 19 – Kauffman Station Communtiy Center, Chambersburg, Pa

January 20 – Perry Mennonite Center, Elliotsburg, Pa

January 21 – Washington House, Fryburg Pa

January 22 – CJ Hummel, Lenhartsville, Pa

Northern Region Meetings: Includes Guest Speakers Mike Velde of Alforex, Dr. Jerry Cherney, Professor of Forage/Plant Science at Cornell University, and Dr. Debbie Cherney, Professor of Animal Science at Cornell University

January 25 –  South Mindon Fire House, Fort Plain, NY

January 26 –  Mo’s Pub & Grill, Malone, NY

January 27 –  Elks Lodge, Lowville, NY

January 28 –  Bw’s Restaurant, Pavilion, NY

January 29 – Romulus Fire House, Romulus, NY