Somewhere on social media, I watched a video of a teenager who told a story of how he was once riddled with acne and blotched skin. The viral post showed past images of his skin as he spoke about how the condition had affected his self-esteem. Fast forward one year, he appears with clear skin and a bright smile on his face.

What did he do?

“I did away with dairy and processed foods,” he proudly proclaimed.

Happy Dairy Month, everybody!

I’m sure that’s not the introduction you want to hear. Quite frankly, 2017 hasn’t been all sunshine for dairy. From shaky price movements to disputes with our Canadian dairy neighbors, the word “uncertainty” is arguably the keyword for the industry this year.

Despite it all, this is June, the month for the ag community to promote the world of dairy and its reach in our communities. It’s always important with raise awareness to the public. However, with this current uncertainty and the fact that a consumer purchase is based on the wallet as well as the belt, it’s paramount to educate them on why they should “get milk.”

Throughout the year, many organizations have taken the lead in their marketing efforts. For instance, the American Dairy Association North East website, promotes awareness through various recipes, health and wellness tips and other information about the industry and the farmers who make it happen. The organization also addresses the confusion surrounding lactose intolerance and other misconceptions about dairy.

In addition, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy teamed up with America’s Dairy Farm Families and Importers to create the “Undeniably Dairy” campaign to push the dairy narrative even further.

Such groups are making sure to tell consumers about the benefits of dairy. In a world where in some circles too many generalizations are placed on agriculture, it’s vital to a put a face on the hard work of the American dairy farmer. As we keep awareness vibrant all year round, rather than just in June, we may see a viral video post about how dairy is a key ingredient in a healthy diet.

Speaking of breathing positivity into a subject, we would love to hear from YOU! Give us your testimony about how important the dairy industry is in your community. What are you doing to promote dairy in your area? Send me an email and share your story.