The Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation has announced that registration is now open for Discover Dairy and the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow programs.

“We are excited and ready to see what this year brings for these education programs and to hear of the impact that they have made on the teachers and students,” Emily Yeiser, dairy education programs manager for the Center for Dairy Excellence, said. “We are thankful for the individuals and organizations that donate to these programs, understanding and valuing the importance it plays for our future generations.”

Discover Dairy is an interactive, cross-curricular lesson series that meets state educational and Common CORE standards in science, math and reading for upper elementary and middle school. It shows students where milk comes from while demonstrating how dairy farms contribute to local communities. The lesson series has been completely revamped for the 2015-16 academic year, adding a stronger writing focus and aligning more closely with Common CORE and STEM standards. A revamped website also offers enrichment opportunities for in the classroom and resources for farms that want to reach out to local schools.

The center’s foundation is now encouraging educators to register soon, and incorporate the Discover Dairy Education Program into their curriculum this year. There are incentives being offered for early sign ups, including classroom posters and bookmarks for the students. Dairy farm families are encouraged to share the Discover Dairy Program with teachers and curriculum advisors within their local school district. They are also invited to check out the farmers’ resource page. As of last May, more than 1,400 educators had registered to use the Discover Dairy Lesson Series.

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow is a curriculum designed specifically to give high school students a foundation of education and soft skills to pursue future careers within and related to the dairy industry. This program was developed to provide high school educators and students with dairy business and herd management courses to enhance their existing dairy educational platforms. Students can receive industry recognized certifications in both dairy herd management and in dairy business management through Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow. Pennsylvania students also have the opportunity to attend live farm tours and other educational programs. Last year, close to 100 classrooms and 5,000 students were touched by the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program.