Dairy Beef Quality Assurance is a national program for dairy beef producers that provides science-based management practices that enhance carcass quality and safety and improve animal care.

20% of the overall beef production and 30% of the ground beef production in the United States comes from cull cows and bulls. It’s vital that at least one individual on the dairy farm be DBQA certified. This certification will help identify and avoid violative residue and carcass defects resulting in greater consumer confidence in the overall beef industry. Participants will also learn how to add value to cull animals.

To register, call Gale Kohler at (518) 765-3579, gek4@cornell.edu.
Questions can be directed to Tom Gallagher, CCE Senior Livestock Educator (518) 765-3511, tjg3@cornell.edu
There will be a $10 fee to cover the cost of the materials payable to Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Speakers and topics include:

Tom Gallagher, CCE, CAAHP Senior Livestock Educator & Carrie Telgen, DMV:
Classroom Training Covering all Aspects of Dairy Beef Quality Assurance

Stacylyn Snyder, Cattle Buyer, Cargill Beef:
Adding Value to Your Cull Dairy Cows, Defects Found at the Plant and Antibiotic Residues

Hannah McCabe, Boehringer Ingelheim:
Cattle Vaccine Products for Dairy Farms and When and How they Should be Used

Carrie Telgen, DVM:
Chute Side Training