The Center for Dairy Excellence, University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center, and Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) based in Raleigh, NC, have reached a formal agreement to collaborate on the Dairy Trend Analyzer Program (DTAP).

This program, developed by the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center in conjunction with the Center for Dairy Excellence, provides a web based interactive program that offers dairy producers and the consultants who serve them the ability to integrate current DHIA data into an easy-to-use dairy business management program.

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Center for Dairy Excellence and University of Pennsylvania to explore new ways to incorporate valuable DHIA data into farm management decision making,” said Dr. John Clay, director with DRMS. “We have been empowering producers to use both their everyday and DHI data to make more informed management decisions since 1957.”

The Dairy Trend Analyzer Program allows producers to evaluate herd performance over 36 months and to set goals, perform sensitivity analysis and visualize the financial impact of achieving those goals, based on current milk prices and input costs. The program also provides peer comparisons, allowing users to choose a subset of peer farms from which to compare herd performance over time.

“This program is both a powerful teaching and decision making tool to help producers make objective conclusions to improve farm profitability,” explained Dr. David Galligan, professor of animal health economics with the University of Pennsylvania.

The three entities will work together, with University of Penn focused on the continued development of the DTAP program, DRMS providing the data during the research period, and the center working with Pennsylvania dairy producers and industry consultants to use the program on Pennsylvania dairy farms.

“The center is especially interested in the opportunity to collaborate in a meaningful way to improve the profitability of the Pennsylvania dairy industry,” Alan Zepp, risk management program manager for the Center for Dairy Excellence said. “We are excited about the potential this program has to enhance the decision making process on Pennsylvania’s dairy farms.”

Currently, more than 200 farms are using the DTAP and are receiving data summaries from the Center for Dairy Excellence each month.