The Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association is offering seven $3,000 scholarships to undergraduate students for the 2016 – 2017 academic school year. These scholarships, designated for students who are pursuing careers in dairy, are awarded based on an undergraduate’s character, integrity, leadership qualities, and goals for the future. Applications are due June 1.

“Both the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Dairyman’s Association are committed to ensuring that the dairy industry in Pennsylvania remains prosperous,” said Mary Foote, Dairy Education Programs Coordinator at the Center for Dairy Excellence. “We are pleased that we can partner together to invest in the next generation of dairy leaders.”

To be eligible, a student must demonstrate a commitment to working in the dairy industry in the future. Consideration for these scholarships will be given to Pennsylvania residents who are full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an eligible field of study. Qualifying majors include but are not limited to: Animal Science, Agricultural Business, Communications, Engineering, or Marketing as well as Agricultural and Extension Education, Dairy Science, Food Science, or Nutrition.

The purpose of these scholarships is to recognize, encourage and financially assist superior students enrolled in dairy related academic programs. Students may apply for and receive one of the seven scholarships in subsequent years, however, they can only receive it twice during their undergraduate career. One scholarship will be specifically designed for an incoming freshman.

All applications must be completed using the official Student Leader Scholarship Application form. Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year should be mailed to Mary Foote, Center for Dairy Excellence, 2301 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110 by June 1, 2016.