Bob-White Systems, Inc. a provider of innovative equipment, supplies, technology, and resources for the production of farm-fresh dairy products, has announced the introduction of its newest piece of equipment, the LiLi-B HTST Pasteurizer. The LiLi-B pasteurizes fluid milk at 4GPM, twice the speed of the original LiLi Pasteurizer, and can easily handle higher viscosity liquids such as cream, ice cream mix, and fruit nectar.

The LiLi-B Pasteurizer is economical to operate and gentle on the fluids it pasteurizes.  The LiLi-B is designed to support farmers or small business owners who want to safely, gently, and easily pasteurize their products for customers craving great tasting locally produced milk and dairy products.

Vermont Technical College (VTC), located in Randolph Center, VT, is purchasing the first LiLi-B to roll off the assembly line.  This innovative pasteurizer will be delivered to VTC’s ​new 300-acre ​Norwich dairy farm. There, the LiLi-B will be used for teaching students at the VTC Dairy Learning Center​ and displayed for farm visitors.