The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture cleared the Apple Valley Creamery, 540 Germany Road, East Berlin, Adams County, to resume raw milk sales after samples tested negative for bacteria.

The department cleared the operation for raw milk production and sale after a follow-up inspection confirmed the dairy was in compliance with raw milk regulations and samples tested by an independent laboratory were negative for Campylobacter.

Agriculture officials halted raw milk sales on Feb. 6 at the dairy after routine samples collected on Jan. 28 tested positive for the bacteria Campylobacter.

Apple Valley Creamery sells directly to customers at an on-farm retail store and through home delivery services. Several retail facilities in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties also carry the creamery’s products.

Department of Health officials confirmed one case of Campylobacter in an individual who became ill after consuming raw milk from Apple Valley Creamery. Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized.

Pennsylvania law allows farms to sell raw milk but requires the farms to be permitted and inspected by the agriculture department to reduce health risks associated with unpasteurized products. There are 150 farms in Pennsylvania permitted to sell raw milk or raw milk cheese.