Top 5 Mixing Equipment for 2016

With a large variety of mixing equipment on the market, how do you find the one that works best for you? Look no further than this list to help you make a decision quick!

Finding the right mixing equipment for your farm doesn’t have to frustrating. We’ve listed some features, what else the manufacturer offers and where to find dealers.

Patz Vertical Mixers

The Patz Vertical Mixers come in three different model options: stationary, trailer and truck. The stationary mixers have over six different models ranging from the 400 Series II Single Screw Stationary to 2400 Series II Twin Screw Stationary.

The 400 Series II TMR Stationary Mixer has a maximum load capacity of 3,500 lbs, a height of 86 5/8 inches, a width of 88.5 inches and a length of 118.5 inches. It also features a PTO operating speed of 24 RPM low and 46 RPM high.

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Kuhn Knight Mixers

The Kuhn mixers range from Single-Auger Vertical TMR Mixers to Twin-Auger, 4-Auger and Reel mixers. The Kuhn Knight 5127 model features one free-standing mixing auger, a capacity of 270 cubic feet, 91 inches in height and 100 inches in width. It has a planetary drive and PTO speed of 540 RPM.

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Penta Mixers

Penta mixers come in trailer, stationary and truck mount models. Trailer mixers are designed with ½-inch and 3-inch steel along with a straight-walled tub and optional conveyors. The stationary mixers are compact and is operated by a frequency changer that ensures that the machine starts slowly. Truck mount models are 100 percent hydrostatically driven and can be customized to each farmer’s individual means.

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LEO Agriculture Mixers

LEO Agriculture Mixers have 15 different models. The 70625 Vertical TMR Feed Mixer has a capacity of 625 cubic feet, loading height of 88 inches, overall width of 101 inches and overall length of 278 inches. It also features 24 knives, two augers and a maximum bale size of two 4×5.

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Jaylor Mixers

The 5000 Twin Auger Series ranges from 5600, 5650 to 5750 models. The 5600 model is 12,900 lbs, 93 inches in height and 303 inches in length. PTO speed is 540 RPM and an auger speed of 41 RPM. Other mixer series are: Mini TMR, Single Auger TMR, Heavy Duty TMR, Truck Mount TMR, Stationary TMR and Certified Pre-Owned.

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