Locking Latch & Sliding Clutch
Fransgard’s winch with locking latch and sliding clutch is a simple and robust winch, thoroughly tested worldwide. It can be used for safe and efficient hauling of logs. There are a wide range of accessories, including radio transmission set for installation on Winch V-4000 and Winch V-6500.
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Skidding winch
Managing the full potential of your forest is easy with the pulling strength of the Bush Pilot Skidding Winch. You can now reach the trees you need to cut, even on steep hills or swampland, without the need for large heavy equipment. For tractors 15-140 hp, the new Bush Pilot builds on Wallenstein’s strong reputation of skidding winches, with pulling strength up to 14,000 pounds. and reach up to 165 feet.

Self-loading winch
The SkidMate MK2 is nimble and narrow enough to reach deep into the forest; rugged enough to handle uneven terrain; and light enough to help keep your woodlot floor healthy and productive. The self-loading design means that, as you gun the ATV, the choked end of the log, connected to the smooth-action roller, slides up the bar and is hoisted high into the arch. This keeps your logs off the ground, mud-free and easier to skid. To unload, simply reverse the ATV. The position and angle of the wheels help ensure that the SkidMate MK2 can ride up and over small rocks and logs.
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Winches produced by Farmi and Fransgard
Champlain Valley Equipment features the hard-working winches produced by Farmi and Fransgard. Each is recognized worldwide as a respected manufacturer of durable winches ready to work in your woodlands any season of the year. CVE stocks sizes suitable for your tractor’s horsepower with a pulling force ranging from 3 to 7 tons. Protective screens and optional accessories including a chainsaw holder and radio remote controls are also available. With five locations (Middlebury, St. Albans, Derby, Berlin and East Randolph, Vermont), we’re growing to meet your needs.