Zuidberg will break ground in Ens on a project to build a new production facility in which they intend to manufacture rubber tracks for track systems. They will then become the only manufacturer in Europe that develops and produces rubber tracks for track systems.

Specific requirements in North America
The investment is in line with the strategy pursued by Zuidberg, the aim of which is to add considerable value to its products. Rudolf deJong, President (Zuidberg North America), commented:

98325cfc-4104-47ce-81b0-d749bf6fe690“Zuidberg produced tracks will enable us to react quickly to specific customer requirements or changes in the market, and to tailor our offering to the many different applications we see in the North American market. As well it will make Zuidberg North America a very attractive parterner for OEM’s due to the high percentage of added value and in-house production of parts. This investment is a substantial commitment towards the future of Zuidberg as a leader in the international tracks market.”

Increased awareness of the long-term negative impact of soil compaction will lead to a year-on-year increase in the number of agricultural vehicles worldwide that are equipped with track systems. The reduced ground pressure means the soil quality is maintained, which in turn will lead to improved harvests.

Not only is Zuidberg investing in a new facility covering an area of just under 107,000 square feet but it is also investing in employees, research centers and partners in the rubber technology industry, as a means of promoting research and development. In addition to the production line for the rubber tracks, the assembly line for the track systems will also be located in the hall. This will increase the overall size of our company to a built surface area of approximately 430,000 square feet. We expect that the first proprietary rubber tracks will be available for sale on the market in 2017