You’ve had your John Deere tractor for decades, passed down from family member to family member. Now it sits on your farm property not being used. What do you do with it? We’ve listed out a few options on how you can utilize your old farm equipment.

Recycle Metal/Parts

Recycling the metal of the farm equipment is the first option. Some companies even scrap the metal and give the farmer the best value for their metal. To start the process of scrapping the metal, researching companies is the first step. Then, it’s time to put together a list of the metal or equipment you plan on scrapping. From there, the company will give you a price for your farm scrap metal.

Decorate with Equipment Parts

Making furniture out of the old equipment is another option along with décor around the house or in the landscape. Leaving an antique tractor in the yard can make for a rustic feel to the décor. Repurposing the metal to create indoor décor is also an option, making it into a flowerpot, a candle holder or chandelier. Restoring the farm equipment and painting it is another way to use your old farm equipment.

Donate the Equipment

If donating is the last option, there are many programs available to do so. All States Ag Parts gives people an opportunity to donate their used farm equipment and is tax-deductible. If the equipment is in particularly good shape and is antique, it’s possible to donate or even sell it to a museum. Doing research on your antique tractor is the first step to finding out if it’s worth donating or selling to a museum.

Tractors for Peace, established in 2009, is a program that lets farmers donate their used farm equipment to countries in need. According to their website, they were established to accelerate farming in developing regions and donating agricultural equipment and supplies to communities will allow people to grow their own food supplies without dependence on outside entities.