The new Teagle Telehawk features an application of electronic and hydraulic controls to gently tease the bale apart using a low speed crossbeater, leaves the operator free to control the straw placement via a simple controller that uses Bluetooth® technology to communicate from cab to machine.

Over recent years the increasing popularity of Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers on farms in the North American market has encouraged a number of farmers to look for more ways to utilise the convenience of a Wheeled Loader or Telehandler and make use of the flexibility that it can offer.

One such task is bedding livestock, with which the benefits offered by mechanical bale processors such as the Teagle Tomahawk has long been associated; saving time, reducing straw requirements, keeping livestock cleaner, as well as overcoming the need to enter the pen.

The design of the Telehawk includes:

  1. Being able to reliably process both round and rectangular bales of straw
  2. Spread material in any direction around the machine in order to access even the most difficult pens
  3. Thoroughly teasing a bale apart and bruising the straw to improve absorbency and comfort, without compromising the structure of the straw and the bed it creates
  4. Straightforward loading of bales
  5. Requiring lift capacity and hydraulic flow no greater than that offered by a typical agricultural Wheeled Loader or Telehandler.
  6. Loader / Handler requirements – minimum 5750lbs. 15usg/min flow @ 2320 PSI –quick attachment brackets are available.