Kuhn announced the new DOMINATOR 4855, a tillage product designed to reduce subsoil compaction, provide residue management and maintain a level field finish. Available in 7-, 9-, 11- and 13-shank configurations, the DOMINATOR 4855 will continue to incorporate a 5-step system for residue management with additional product improvements.

2 ¾” diameter slip-in spindles and 8-bolt wheel hubs (rated at 10,000 pounds each) are used on all walking beam weldments. New 360/65R x 17.5 metrics are standard on the 4855-11 and 4855-13 (optional on the 4855-7 and 4855-9). The new tire size maintains flotation capabilities while increasing the weight capacity by 2,200 pounds per tire to improve transport reliability. Hardened bushings and heat-treated pins replace grease zerks and standard pivot pins in the parallel mount for the rear disc conditioner’s lower links..

A new angular contact bearing cartridge has been incorporated into each rear disc conditioner blade assembly. The new bearing utilizes a heavy-duty, multi-lip (5) bearing seal and a machined hub spindle. A skid wear guard adds extra protection to the new machined cast bearing housing. Each disc conditioner blade is secured to the hub spindle and bearing assembly with a 5-bolt blade pattern. The 24/7 Soil Conditioning Reel option consists of a new heavy-duty round bar reel with maintenance-free bearing assemblies mounted on heavy-duty ductile cast bearing arms. For complete machine specifications and additional details, click here.