With the introduction of PLM™ RTK+, New Holland is the first original equipment manufacturer to offer a proprietary cellular RTK correction network. PLM RTK+ provides a cellular-delivered RTK correction signal, and is available to producers in the United States and Canada through a subscription at participating New Holland dealers.

“Producers of all sizes can benefit from the productivity advantages that come with this cellular-delivered precision land management technology,” says Dan Valen, New Holland’s Cash Crop Segment Marketing Manager. “Not only does PLM RTK+ provide sub-inch accuracy, it’s competitively priced against satellite-delivery and other cellular-delivered corrections. Once fully rolled-out, customers will be able receive correction signals from Northern Canada to the southernmost parts of Texas and coast-to-coast, as long as cellular data signals are available with a signal subscription.”

For producers who depend on precision farming technology, the new PLM RTK+ offers a number of benefits. The signal is available and consistent with sub-inch accuracy anywhere within the network. There are no line shifts between bases as with traditional single base or stand-alone stations. And, there are no line-of-sight limitations that occur with radio correction. Trees, valleys, hills, buildings and other obstructions are not a problem.

Additionally the PLM RTK+ system is compatible with both New Holland and competitive modems, and supports most common correction types, such as RTCM and CMR.

Another PLM product from New Holland, PLM Connect, also operates on a cellular network, with two-way wireless data transfer that enables cloud-based technology to be used for easy and secure transfer of data to and from machines in the field.

“In the past, a constraint of using PLM technology has been the cumbersome process of transporting the data from the field back to the farm or crop consultant and then back to the field using USB drives,” said Valen. “The new cloud-based transfer system allows producers to access data more efficiently, without a USB.”

With PLM Connect’s wireless file transfer feature, producers no longer need to use USB drives to transfer data. They are able to easily and securely transmit data such as guidance lines, boundaries, variable rate prescriptions, as-applied data, yield and moisture data, etc. through the cloud back to their farm office, or to their crop consultant or trusted advisor. The data can then be transformed into valuable insights for making informed planting and fertilizing decisions, or using variable rate application prescriptions.