The model year 2016 New Holland FR Forage Cruiser self-propelled forage harvesters deliver high forage quality and crop processing efficiency. Its productivity is enhanced by the performance of new engines with horsepower ranging from 476 to 775 and ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR Tier 4B technology. The top model retains the 20.1 liter 824hp engine.

“The performance and efficiency of the FR Forage Cruisers represent the culmination of over 50 years of experience in the forage harvesting industry and are a testament to New Holland’s commitment to innovation,” said Ron Shaffer, New Holland’s Director of Specialty Business Units and West Region Sales for North America. “The new FR Forage Cruiser builds on this strong heritage to deliver the productivity, efficiency, and comfort that large scale contractors require.”

The new FR Forage Cruiser features a cutter head and the chevron knife design chops quickly. The cutter head is available in three configurations to match the specific chopping requirements: 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12 knives for a length of cut range of 6 to 33 mm, 5 to 27 mm and 4 to 22 mm respectively. The HydroLoc™ feedroll drive system enables the operator to adjust the length of cut to match crop conditions.

The new FR Forage Cruiser improves on the spout and features full-length replaceable top and side liners, a hard-faced flipper, stronger flipper cylinder and spout base lubrication.

All models of the new FR series feature engines developed by FPT Industrial. The two smaller models run versions of the proven Cursor 13 engine tuned to the constant high loads experienced when harvesting forage.  The FR650 and FR780 mount the new Cursor 16 engine, recently named “Diesel of the Year 2014” by Diesel Magazine. Tuning specific to forage harvesting delivers response, making the Forage Cruisers able to handle sudden changes in load without stopping or plugging, therefore increasing capacity up to 15% vs. the previous model. Fuel and DEF tank capacities are increased on all models to provide the autonomy customers need for long harvesting days. The top model FR850 runs a 20.1L Vector engine.

All but the largest model feature ECOBlue Hi-eSCR technology to meet Tier 4B emissions standards. As the engine design optimizes combustion, particulate formation is very low. The after-treatment system cleans up the NOx created by the high combustion temperatures.